Clothes Production Factory

Ruchi Smart, with a group of experts in the field of wholesale clothing production, is the first online production system in Iran.

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about us

We are with you in the whole way of clothing production

Our Customers

Who are our customers?

Factories, Organizations

Organizations that are committed to looking for a manufacturer to cover their personnel

Domestic and foreign clothing brands and stores

which are faced with the accumulation of unproduced plans due to the lack of more production capacity


who are no longer able to import due to the excessive increase in the exchange rate and they tend to produce their products at the optimal price inside the country.

Young Designers

who are confused in the process of buying fabric, ideas, implementing designs, etc. due to limited communication and lack of understanding of the clothing production process
Our Services

Steps to perform Rochi Smart services


Pattern making and embroidery samples

Fabric sales and work expenses

واحد فروش پارچه و خرج کار


Printing and Other Services

واحد چاپ و سایر خدمات
واحد دوخت


Quality Control


Additional operations such as Steam, Quality Control and Packaging

Selling on Rochi Website


FJ women's clothing production

ZHIMAN men's clothing production

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